Seeders Needed!

Nobody will ever join an empty server. Ever. That is why we actively recruit and reward server seeders. Seeders are people that idle on the server until a game gets going. We consider the server started once it hits 20 players.

If you help seed our server for two consecutive days, you will automatically be awarded a VIP reserved slot for one week. That allows you to join the server even when it is full. The server will kick another player that is not on the VIP list to make room for you. You will not have to wait in the player queue to get into the game.


How to become a seeder?

Becoming a seeder is easy.

Download this Chrome Plugin:

Download this Windows Script:


Install the chrome plugin and follow the setup instructions. When you want to seed, click the Seed link in battlelog (added by the chrome plugin). That will launch bf4 and keep you logged in.

The second windows script is to prevent you from being idle-kicked. DICE, in all their wisdom has forced us to a 300 second idle kick and will not allow anything longer. Enter this script!


That is all there is to it. Seed two days in a row and get the server up to 20 players and you get a reserved slot for a week.