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This site provides information and support for The Walking Dead Conquest Battlefield 4 Game Server

We take a better approach to running a Conquest Large server than most, and I think you will agree:

  • Balancing is done primarily between rounds.
  • We do not split two or more players in the same squad that have the same clan tags.
  • Same goes for five or more players on the same team even if in different squads.
  • We do not punish winning teams by balancing players over to the losing side late in rounds – 200 tickets or less
  • If you ask, we will move you to play with your friends (make sure you have the same tags to avoid being auto balanced!)
  • If a team is trapped with no hope of coming back (down by at least 400 tickets) , they can opt to end the round with a !surrender vote in the chat. 30% of team must vote to surrender to end the round.


A couple of other things:

  • We use a fast vehicle respawn times. The rationale is this:  More vehicles means more opportunities for using them and more opportunities to destroy them. If you like a slower paced game, this server may aggravate you a bit. But if you like using or destroying vehicles, this server can provide a great gaming experience.
  • No attacking the enemy uncap/base.
  • All vehicles must come out and stay out of base. If you are one of those players that constantly backs into their base to avoid dying, or shoots from base, we don’t allow that here. Stay in the field of play.
  • No stealing enemy assets from their uncap/base.
  • We have active admins that try to keep games running smoothly. This means they enforce the rules on the server. Multiple infractions in a round will result in admin action against that player.
  • All of our admins are over 35 years old. No kids here. We understand that we are not great players and fully expect to die a lot every time we play. Follow the rules and it is open season on admins here!
  • Racism is absolutely not allowed in game, chat, teamspeak or on this website. If you engage in this type of behavior expect to be immediately and permanently banned. No second chances on this, so if you are a racist, keep it to yourself.


Our server has a lot of other great features in game to empower players. Check out the  full server rules and details Here


Streaming Anti-Cheat Services:



If you get banned for cheating and feel it is a mistake,use the form below to appeal the ban and I will respond to you within 24 hours.

If you get banned for racist remarks, just go find another server. You aren’t getting back into this one.

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