The Walking Dead BF4 Conquest Server Rules and Details

Complete Server Rules:


  1. No Racism. This will result in an immediate, automated, permanent ban from the server. Don’t test this rule, it’s strictly enforced.
  2. Admins are there to keep things running smoothly. Let them do their job. Please be civil.
  3. Respect other players. We understand that players get upset, but please refrain from going nuclear because you died.
  4. Hackusations are not tolerated, your chat will be muted. If you think you’ve spotted a cheater, report them with the !report command. More details below.
  5. Ping Limit: We limit pings to 150 once we have 20 players in game. If you are over that, expect to be kicked automatically within a few minutes.
  6. Players are not allowed to attack the enemy base/uncap. There is zero wiggle room. Don’t do it or you will be punished.
    1. This includes stealing ANY enemy assets from their base.
    2. Attacking players or vehicles in the enemy base
    3. Sniping into the enemy base
    4. Locking vehicles in base with anti air/ground lock on weapons
    5. Destroying their assets in the base
    6. All other unmentioned methods of attacking the enemy base are also NOT ALLOWED.
  7. Players are not allowed to initiate attacks from their RED ZONE (any area where enemy infantry/ground vehicles cannot go)
    1. Again, no wiggle room. Don’t do it.
    2. Make sure you are well out of your RED ZONE before initiating an attack on the enemy.
    3. If you shoot from the RED ZONE and get a kill you will be punished.
    4. Self control is difficult but we know you are capable. Wait until you are in the field of play.


Advanced Features:

The Walking Dead Conquest Large server has some extra features that allow players to further help keep things running smoothly. Here are some commands you can use right from the in game chat at any time:

  • !rules – In game reminder of the server rules.
  • !voip – This will print out our Teamspeak server IP:port so you can join us in channel.
  • !admin – if no admin is on, use this command to send an email request. An admin will be on shortly!
  • !assist – Use this to help the losing team. Lots of reputation points awarded for this.
  • !report – Suspect a cheater? Use this command to send a full report of that player to our admins to review.
  • !surrender – Pinned in your uncap? Losing by more than 400 tickets? Use this to initiate a surrender vote to end the round early.
  • !stats – Find out where you rank among all the other players on the server. Gives you kill/death stats and server rank.
  • !knife – Set a custom knife-kill message. If you knife someone, your custom message will appear in your victim’s private chat.


Team/Squad Play Rewarded:

We encourage clans, squads, friends to play here. There is nothing more satisfying than solid team/squad play and it is great to witness, even when on the losing end. Our clan does pretty well when organized, but we have run across some truly magnificent clans that school us on how it’s done. That is how we learn to be better team players.

We do not punish winning teams by splitting dominant squads, clanmates, or balancing players over to the losing team during a round. If you play as a cohesive team better than the other side, you deserve to win. PERIOD.

Make sure you have the same clan tags set up in battlelog with your friends. That is the only way to assure you will not be balanced (there is no other way for us to know who your friends are from the server side!)

We do not stack teams, but sometimes teams are naturally unbalanced and one team kicks the crap out of another. In that case, we have two things set up. During the round, the team that is being destroyed can auto surrender the round by initiating a !surrender vote once they are down by about 400 tickets. If 30% of the team votes to !surrender, the round ends immediately and the teams are scrambled before the next round starts. Remember that clanmates are NEVER split, but they can be moved entirely to the other team (all of them).

We do not stack teams, but sometimes organized clans are just better than disorganized teams. If a bunch of friends with the same tags comes onto the server and dominates, it is up to the losing team to organize themselves and fight back, or surrender. We will not entertain whining about Team Stacking. Fight back or !surrender and wait for the new round scramble. We leave it up to the losing team to decide the outcome.

If we see several active organized clans on, we will attempt to keep them on opposite teams as much as possible.



We run Fairfight, Punkbuster, PBBans Streaming, GGC Streaming, and Metabans Streaming services. This keeps out a lot of the known cheaters which minimizes the amount we get day to day.

Contrary to what you see in the BF4 forums, cheating is rampant and common. All we can do is be vigilant and active in catching/banning those that we find. Because of this, we also run two internal cheat detection scripts that actively monitor players in game for impossible stats as well as checking their compiled statistics at BF4stats and Battlelog for impossible stats. When we say impossible, we mean better than the best professional player could ever achieve. The only way these stats can be achieved is by cheating and they are automatically banned. We catch on average, two new cheaters every day on our server, in addition to those that are already banned and not allowed in. Automatic bans for impossible stats are permanent here, and never lifted.


Server Plugins/Features:

Most Ranked servers run plugins that modify the default behavior of BF4, or add new features not available on official/default servers. Our server runs the following plugins to help manage the game:

  • AdKats Advanced In-Game Admin
  • Adaptive Ticket Count
  • ProCon Chat, GUID, Stats and Map Logger
  • Cheat Detector
  • Server Kills
  • Vote Ban
  • Metabans
  • MULTIbalancer
  • ProconRulz
  • xVotemap
  • Insane Limits

Each of the above plugins are configured to reinforce team/squad coordination and empower players to create an environment that is fun for everyone.


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